The Elumis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the IRS, all donations, are tax deductable.

For less than the price of one coffee per month, you can transform the life of children and families with a gift of light.

Your suggested minimum donation of $75 will allow us to provide a gift of one solar kit to a family in need. This solar kit will provide power and light for the family for at least 10 years. This equates to only $.63 cents/per month.

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We work very closely with Corporate Sponsors. We offer them various programs to custom tailor the fulfillment of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Corporate donations enhance the business brand and builds customer and employee loyalty.

Corporate Workplace Giving Program: Under this program, the Corporation works closely with their employees and offers a gift matching program. This program shows that you care about causes that are important to your employees and customers, and improves the employee moral and company’s image. This program also helps your employees as their donations are streamlined as a deduction through a periodic payroll deduction.

Corporate Gold Sponsored Program: The Corporation becomes recognized as a Gold Sponsor once it makes a donation of a minimum of 1000 solar kits. With this program the Corporation will be able to place their brand on the battery of the solar kit. This will create a permanent branding to the families receiving the donations, as these solar kits will be part of their every day life.

Corporate Platinum Sponsored Program: The Corporation becomes recognized as a Platinum Sponsor once it makes a donation of a minimum of 2000 solar kits. The Corporation will get the benefits of the Gold Program. In addition to the benefits of the God Program, we will include the Corporation in a global press release naming the Corporation as the donor.

Corporate Diamond Sponsored Program: The Corporation becomes recognized as a Diamond Sponsor once t makes a donation of 5000 solar kits or more. The Corporation will receive all the benefits of the Gold and Platinum programs. In addition to these benefits, the Corporation will be able to choose the location of the donation, and will receive a special gift giving ceremony at the location of the donation. The news media will also be invited to the ceremony to maximize exposure. This program will allow the Corporations to target their exposure to geographical areas of interest.

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You can purchase these kits for your personal use. These kits are ideal for your RV vehicle, camping trips, or for emergency power outages in your home. With every purchase of a kit for your personal use, we will donate one kit to families in need. The cost for each kit is $150 plus shipping and handling. $75 of this amount is tax deductible.