Elumis Foundation



The Elumis Foundation is a certified non-profit organization that was created in 2018 by siblings Eva and Michael Sakellakis (ages 15 and 13), looking to make a difference. Their father, who has his own successful solar business Elumis, helped and inspired them to form the foundation. Together they formed a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization. This allows all donations to be tax deductible by the donors. 100% of all donations received will fund the distribution of solar kits to be given to families who do not have electricity in impoverished areas of the World.

Elumis’ goal is to bring light to families and kids without that privilege through solar kits. These solar kits are powered through solar panels and can provide light and electricity for a family for up to 24 continuous hours.

The Foundation has already made its first donation of 1000 solar kits in Vietnam and plans to distribute more kits to third World countries throughout Africa, South East Asia, Central America, and India. The goal is to distribute at least 100,000 kits to families in need.

The slogan of the foundations is that “No kid should be left in the dark”